HTC-2A Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter

HTC-2A Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter
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Tags: Temperature Sensor, Digital Temperature Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Digital Sensor, Hygrometer

HTC-2A ia a built-in temperature and humidity sensor. It is a good tool for metering temperature and humidity in box room. This digital measurement sensor has temperature range of  -10°C ~ +50°C for indoor metering and  -50°C ~ +70°C for outdoor. HTC-2A Digital electronic hygrometer is a very benefitful product for home indoor applications. HTC-2A thermometer is a suitable for incubator for hatching eggs of birds hens and other animals.

Operation method:
* MODE button
1. Press to switch the display time and set the alarm time (the two black dots in the alarm time display do not flash), the initial time is 12:00 noon in the 24-hour system, and the initial date is January 1.
2. Press and hold for 2 seconds to enter the time setting state, set the hour, minute, day, and month. If there is no operation within 1 minute during setting, it will automatically exit the setting interface. (Note: The alarm time setting operation is the same as this.)
* ADJ key
1. On the time interface, press once to display the month and day.
2. Increase the data when setting the time, date, and ALM, and press and hold to have the function of rapid upward adjustment.
3. On the alarm time interface, press to turn on or off the alarm function.
* MEMORY key
Press it once to display the maximum temperature and humidity record value during the MAX-measurement time, and press it once to display the minimum temperature and humidity record value during the MIN-measurement time period. Press again to display real-time measurement data value. When in MAX or MIN display mode, if there is no key operation within 8 seconds, it will automatically return to real-time measurement mode.
*℃/℉ key
Press to switch between Celsius display or Fahrenheit display.
* IN/OUT button
Press to switch between indoor and outdoor temperature display.
*If the battery is removed and reloaded, all data will be cleared, and the time, alarm clock and other functions need to be reset.

1. Large-screen LCD displays temperature, humidity and time at the same time
2. Low power consumption, high precision and high stability.
3. Memory function of the highest and lowest temperature and humidity.
4. ℃/℉ switch display.
5. IN/OUT indoor and outdoor temperature switching display.
6. 24-hour clock.
7. Daily alarm clock function.
8. There is a hanging and supporting board behind the instrument, which can be placed vertically or suspended.

Measuring Temperature range: Indoor  -10°C ~ +50°C
                                                 Outdoor -50°C ~ +70°C
Measuring Humidity range: 10% ~ 99% RH
Accuracy: Temperature: ±1°C
                 Humidity: ±5% RH
Resolution: Temperature 0.1°C
                   Humidity 1% RH
Power source: 2 x AAA (1.5V) battery (NOT Include)
Material: ABS
Color: White + Black 
Size: 98mm x 102mm x 22mm

Package Include:
1 x HTC-2A Digital Temperature Humidity with Clock and Alarm

Sensor Parameters
Accuracy Temperature: ±1°C , Humidity: ±5% RH
Output Type Digital
Humidity Range 10% ~ 99% RH
Temperature Range Indoor: -10°C ~ +50°C , Outdoor: -50°C ~ +70°C
Resolution Temperature: 0.1°C , Humidity: 1% RH
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 1.5V
Physical Parameters
Size 98mm x 102mm x 22mm
Color White + Black 

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