HG7881 4 Channel DC Motor Driver Module [2.5V-12V] [0.8A]

HG7881 4 Channel DC Motor Driver Module [2.5V-12V] [0.8A]
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Tags: DC Motor Driver, 4 Channel Driver, H Bridge Driver, DC Driver

The Motor Driver is a module for motors that allows you to control the working speed and direction of two motors simultaneously. This module comes with its own four HG7881 chips. HG7881C is a DC motor control and drives the design of the power amplifier application-specific integrated circuit devices.  
The chip has a good resistance; Two output Pin can directly drive the motor forward and backward movement.
HG7881C is widely used in motor drive toy cars, remote-controlled aircraft motor drive, automatic valve motor drive, electromagnetic lock drive, digital camera, camera motors, precision instruments, and other circuits.
This module can drive 4 DC motors or two 4-wire 2-phase stepping motor. The motor working voltage is between 2.5v-12V and the large working current is 0.8A. The voltage and current of smart cars on the market are within this range.

Main Chip: HG7881
Channel: 4 Channels
Input Voltage: 2.5V ~ 12V
Maximum Motor current: 0.8A
Motor Voltage: 2.5V ~ 12V
Pin Number: 10 Pin
Size: 50mm x 36mm x 14.4mm (LxWxH)

Module Interface Description:
[10P black bent pin description]
A1: external microcontroller IO port.
A2: external microcontroller IO port.
B1: external microcontroller IO port.
B2: external microcontroller IO port.
C1: external microcontroller IO port.
C2: external microcontroller IO port.
D1: external microcontroller IO port.
D2: external microcontroller IO port.
+: External voltage 2.5V-12V.
-: External GND.

[8P PCB Terminal Blocks]
1, MOTORA pick DC 2-pin, non-directional.
2, MOTORB pick DC 2-pin, non-directional.
3, MOTORC pick DC 2-pin, non-directional.
4, MOTORD pick DC 2-pin, non-directional.

Package Include:
1 x HG7881 DC Motor Driver Module

Motor Specifications
Motor voltage 2.5V ~ 12V
Motor Current 0.8A
Electrical Parameters
Channels 4 Channels
Input Voltage 2.5V ~ 12V
Board Parameters
Main Chip HG7881
Pin Count 10 Pin
Physical Parameters
Size 50mm x 36mm x 14.4mm

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