Heat Bed Lattice Glass

Heat Bed Lattice Glass
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A heat bed is an additional module for a 3D printer that makes the cooling process of 3D-printed materials more controlled, for better results. Heat beds prevent issues like poor adhesion to the print bed, poor adhesion between layers, thermal runaway and warping. 3D Printer Heat Bed Lattice Glass is covered with a microporous coating that shows strong adhesion during printing. The result of using a heat bed can be greater precision and less waste, due to the prevention of early or uneven cooling. The use of heat beds helps ensure ideal conditions for best printing results, especially where local conditions are less controlled or colder. Heat beds are a requirement for working with some materials such as ABS plastic.
The special coating is an inorganic coating with a hardness of 8 Mohs and can work at 400ºC.

Material: Lattice Glass
Fit for: 3D Printer
Thickness: 4mm
Temperature settings for different consumables:
  PLA, TPU, PETG, Wood: 50ºC ~ 70ºC
  PP, PC: 90ºC ~ 120ºC
  ABS, Nylon: 100ºC ~ 120ºC
Size: 220mm x 220mm , 235mm x 235mm (Optional)

Package Include:
1 x Hot Bed Lattice Glass

Physical Parameters
Size 220mm x 220mm , 235mm x 235mm (Optional)
Thickness 4mm
Material Lattice Glass

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