Heat Bed Controller Module

Heat Bed Controller Module
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As 3D printers are getting larger their heated beds require more and more power. Also; more "exotic" filament materials require higher temperatures and heated to build spaces. In addition, the voltage required to meet the power requirements is climbing. The heated bed resistance can only go so low before the cabling becomes an issue. It's not uncommon to find 3D printers that are using 24 volts instead of 12.
Rather than ditch the current set of electronics an "adapter" board can be used. 
It acts as a middle-man between the lower-powered control electronics and the heated bed.
Large transistors can be used to accomplish the task and a fairly low cost. However, wiring and mounting a free-standing transistor can become troublesome.
With this solution wiring is easy and the bed power becomes isolated from the control board. The downside to this solution is the cost. Another negative to this is that the solid-state relays must be driven at a much slower speed than a few. As a result, the heated bed has a much wider temperature variation.
This is a Heated Bed Power Module. It solves the ease of wiring, temperature variation, and cost problems associated with the real solution.
Printing on a heated bed allows the printed part to stay warm during the printing process and allow more even shrinking of the plastic as it cools below the melting point. Heated beds usually yield higher quality finished builds with materials such as ABS and PLA. An HBP can also allow users to print without rafts.

Excellent performance of MOS tube (nominal maximum current 280A).
Super large radiator, the maximum current can be above 30A.
Directly use the Ramp 1.4 and MKS series motherboard hot bed output signal control.
You can use the 5V-24V digital signal control.
Control Voltage: 5V ~ 24V
Screw Size: 4 x 3.6mm
Size: 88mm x 67mm

Usage Method:
1. Connect the power supply to the power supply, pay attention to the positive and negative.
2. Connect the hotbed heating line, pay attention to both sides.
3. Direct digital control signals can be connected to GND and D8.
4. Connect the control signal from the Ramps 1.4 or MKS motherboard MOS tube to -Bed +.
5. The 5 and 2 sets of control signals can only be connected to one group.

Package Include:
1 x Hot Bed Heating Control Module

Electrical Parameters
Control Voltage 5V ~ 24V
Physical Parameters
Size 88mm x 67mm
Screw Size 4 x 3.6mm

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