H3V3E Receiver and H34S Transmitter Module [315MHz]

H3V3E Receiver and H34S Transmitter Module [315MHz]
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Tags: 315MHz Receiver, 315MHz Transmitter, Wireless Remote Control, H3V3E, H34S

H3V3E Receiver and H34S Transmitter Module is a pair set of a H3V3E wireless Receiver and a H34S wireless Transmitter, which is matched and specialized for a wireless remote control set.
The H3V3E Receiver is a 315MHz ASK superheterodyne receiver module which is tuning free, high -performance RF integrated chip and has a high quality dielectric resonator frequency stabilization. With a built-in automatic temperature compensation circuit, a tiny size, low power consumption (280uA), low second harmonic, wide supply voltage range (2.7-5.3v), high sensitivity, high stability, high anti-interference, it is a best replacement of typical super heterodyne and super regenerating receivers. It can widely be used in home and industrial applications such as all kinds of remote control systems and wireless data transmission system.
The H34S wireless Transmitter is a 315MHz ASK wireless  transparent transmitter which is tuner free and is matched with the H3V3E wireless receiver. It is so user-friendly in installing and applying. It is a tiny, low power consumption, high stability and high anti-interference, which make it suitable for remote controls and other portable and compact applications. It can widely be used in control light systems, electronic remote toys, electrical Appliances, etc.

Receiver Module Features:
Model: H3V3E
Frequency: 315MHz
Modulation: ASK
Receive Sensitivity: -102dBm 
Operating Voltage: 2.7V ~ 5.3V
Operating Current: 0.28mA
Receiver bandwidth: 2MHz
Temperature: -35°C  ~ 75°C 
Size: 18mm x 12mm x 2.1mm

Transmitter  Module:
Model: H34S
Modulation: ASK
Transmit Power: 15dBm
Transmission rate: 4.8kbps
Operating Voltage: 2V ~ 12V
Operating Current: 8mA
Temperature: -45°C ~ 85°C  
Size: 10.5mm x 6.5mm x 2mm

Package Include:
1 x H3V3E Wireless Receiver Module
1 x H34S Wireless Transmitter Module

Wireless Parameters
Modulation ASK (Receiver Module and Transmitter  Module)
Receive sensitivity -102dBm (Receiver Module)
Transfer Rate 4.8kbps (Transmitter  Module)
Electrical Parameters
Frequency 315MHz (Receiver Module and Transmitter  Module)
Operating Voltage 2.7V ~ 5.3V(Receiver Module) , 2V ~ 12V(Transmitter  Module)
Current 0.28mA (Receiver Module) , 8mA (Transmitter  Module)
Physical Parameters
Operating Temperature -35°C  ~ 75°C (Receiver Module) , -45°C ~ 85°C ()
Size 18mm x 12mm x 2.1mm (Receiver Module) , 10.5mm x 6.5mm x 2mm ()

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