GP-01 GPS-BDS Module

GP-01 GPS-BDS Module
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Tags: GPS Module, Positining Module, BDS Module, ATGM332D

GP-01 ATGM332D GPS-BDS Satelite Positioning Module [2.5m] [2.7V-3.6V] is a high-performance dual-mode GPS and BDS module that is developed to define full constellation positioning more than a typical navigation module. This module can support a variety of satellite navigation systems such as BDS (Chinese Beidou satellite), GPS (American satellite), GLONASS (Russian satellite), Galileo (Europe satellite), QZSS (Japanese satellite), Satellite enhanced system SBAS (WAAS,EGNOS,GAGAN, MSAS), etc. The ATGM332D module is an integration of 6 positioning module to achieve one multi-mode satellite navigation and positioning chip. This chip has 32 tracking channels that allow to concurrently receive GNSS signals from six satellite navigation systems and link the positioning, navigation, and timing.
Also, the ATGM332D-5N series has an internal flash memory to update the configuration function, positioning instructions, and algorithm via the online upgrading data. This chip is equipped with an internal antenna detection service and a protection circuit against short-circuit fault. ATGM332D-5N series can be supplied with 2.7V up to 3.6V and up to 100mA DC and can communicate through the UART interface with NMEA0183 protocol. The ATGM332D-5N family features high sensitivity, low power, low cost, and other advantages that can be used for vehicle navigation systems, handheld positioning devices, mobile phone、tablet PC, wearable devices. 

Model: GP-01
Package: SMD-24
Positioning accuracy: 2.5m
Accuracy: <30ns (1)
Serial port rate: support 4800bps - 115200bps, default 9600bps, data bit 8, check no, stop bit 1
Antenna gain: 15-30dB
Positioning time:
       Cold start Time: 32s
       Hot start Time: 1s
Receiver sensitivity:
       Cold start sensitivity: -148dBm
       Hot start sensitivity: -156dBm
Power Consumption: Typical: 25mA (@ 3.3V) Peak: 100mA (@ 3.3V)
Agreement: NMEA0183
Positioning update rate: Default 1Hz, maximum 10Hz
Maximum height: 18000m
Maximum speed: 515m /s
Maximum acceleration: 4g
Input Voltage: 2.7V ~ 3.6V
Backup power: 1.5V ~ 3.6V
Secondary development: No support
Operating temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C
Storage temperature: -45°C ~ 125°C
Storage Humidity: <90% RH
Pad Number: 24 Pad
Size: 16mm x 12.2mm x 2.4mm

Package Include:
1 x GP-01 GPS + BDS Module

Positioning Accuracy 2.5m
Acceleration 4g
Altitude 18000m
Cold start Sensitivity -148dBm
Cold Start Time 32s
Core GP-01
Hot start Sensitivity -156dBm
Hot Start Time 1s
speed 515m/s
Warm start Sensitivity 1Hz ~ 10Hz
Component Features
Package SMD-24
Pad Number 24 Pad
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 2.7V ~ 3.6V
Physical Parameters
Size 16mm x 12.2mm x 2.4mm
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature -40°C ~ 85°C
Storage temprature -45°C ~ 125°C
Operating humidity <90% RH

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