Gas Soldering Iron

Gas Soldering Iron
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soldering iron is a device used to attach pieces of metal together with solder, which is called soldering. Soldering irons are used mainly for attaching electronic components onto a circuit board with tin, but can also be used for other tasks such as fixing jewelry. There are several different kinds of soldering irons, such as ones that are hotter than others, and ones that use electricity or natural gas. It heats up instantaneously and maintains consistent temperatures throughout its use. You can use this tool to fix small electronics, automobiles, and even jewelry. Unlike other gas soldering iron, the iron tip heats quickly and maintains high temperatures. It also has a fuel storage tank. The fuel tank can easily be restocked with butane.
Keep in mind that butane soldering irons come with different sets of tips. Many irons boast a variety of narrow and wide-mouthed tips. These tips help shape the flame, making a single iron suitable for both small and large repair applications.
You can never be too safe when working with electronic components, combustible fuel, and high temperatures. As such, we strongly recommend opting for a butane soldering iron with strong safety credentials.

A. Filling the gas

1. Fill in the high-quality gas and confirm that the switch is OFF.
2. Introduce the gas tank into the air hole and press down to inflate.
3, about 10 seconds, can complete the filling of gas, wait a few minutes, let the gas stabilize, and then use.
4. When the gas is filled in, and there is a squeaking sound in the tail, press the tip of the pen slightly into the airport to eliminate it.

B. Ignition
1. Push the switch to the ON position and hear the buzzing sound.
2. Push the flame out ring forward.
3. Use an igniter or lighter to ignite near the joint.
4, burn after burning for 3 seconds, then return the flame ring to the original place, until the fire goes out, the iron head will continue to heat.
5, adjust the size of the flame, the direction to the + is large, the direction to the - is small.
6, this product temperature up to 1300°C (ironing iron temperature 450°C) should pay attention to safety when using, turn off the switch after use.
7. When using a gas soldering iron, please pay special attention to wait until the flame is completely eliminated. When the object inside the soldering iron turns red, operate again. The flame size should not be large to extend the life of the soldering iron.
8. The length of the flame is about 1.2cm ~ 1.5cm

Type: Pen Type Gas Soldering Iron
Flame Temperature: 1300°C
Soldering Iron Temperature: 210°C ~ 450°C
Gas Capacity: ~7ml
Fuel: Pure Butane
Use Time: ~ 35minutes
Color: Blue
Size: 182mm x 19mm

Package Include:
1 x Gas Soldering Iron

Physical Parameters
Capacity 7ml (Gas Capacity)
Size 182mm x 19mm
Color Blue

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