FSR400 Force Sensing Resistor

FSR400 Force Sensing Resistor
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Tags: Force Sensing Resistor, FSR, Analog Sensor, Piezoresistive, Force Sensor, Pressure Sensor

The FSR 400 model is a single-zone Force Sensing Resistor that optimized for use in human touch control of electronic devices such as automotive electronics, medical systems, industrial and robotics applications. 
FSRs are two-wired devices. They are the robust polymer thick film (PTF) sensors that exhibit a decrease in resistance with an increase in force applied to the surface of the sensor. It has a 5.1mm diameter active area and is available in 4 connection options. Interlink Electronics FSR 400 series is part of the single-zone Force Sensing Resistor family.

Model: FSR400
Working Voltage: 3.3V, 5V
Measuring range (pressure): 0.2N ~ 20N
Hysteresis: +10%
Stand-Off Resistance: >10M ohms
Operating Temperature: -30ºC ~ +70ºC
Lifetime: 10 Million tested
Active surface (diameter): 5.08mm
Thickness: 0.3mm
Diameter: 7.62mm
Pin Number: 2 Pin

Detect motion or position
Medical Devices
Detect and qualify press
Find the center of force
Detect pressure
Detect liquid blockage

Package Include:
1 x FSR400 Force Sensing Resistor

Sensor Parameters
Measuring range 0.2N ~ 20N
Output Type Analog
Component Features
Pin Number 2 Pins
Electrical Parameters
Resistance >10M ohms (Stand-Off Resistance)
Working Voltage 3.3V, 5V
Physical Parameters
Thickness 0.3mm
Diameter 7.62mm
Life Time 10 Million tested
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature -30ºC ~ +70ºC

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