FPC1020 Capacitive Fingerprint Module

FPC1020 Capacitive Fingerprint Module
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Tags: Capacitive Fingerprint, Fingerprint Identification, Fingerprint Sensor, Fingerprint Module, Fingerprint, Finger Print Scanner

FPC1020 is a fingerprint sensor kit which contains a fingerprint sensor and a control board.
FPC1020 has been widely used on smartphones such as Huawei Mate 7. It is based on capacitive sensor technology. It delivers the best in class image quality with 256 gray scale values in every single programmable pixel. No matter dry, wet or dirty finger, it can read accurately with its 3D pixel sensing technology. The control board is based on STM32F105, it has a pre-burned program inside for processing the UART commands. Through this board, we can directly drive the fingerprint sensor via serial port.
This fingerprint sensor kit is easy to use. There is an Arduino code provided that allows us to quickly get started. With the help of a Grove cable, we can quickly add it to the Grove system.

GROVE Compatible Interface
FPC1020 CMOS fingerprint sensor
Best in class imaging quality with 256 true grey scale values in every pixel
Robust protective coating capable of more than 10 million finger placements
Full ESD protection (more than ±30kV)
200 byte fingerprint template
1:N Identification (One-to-Many)
1:1 Verification (One-to-One)
Auto-learning function (Automatically updating the fingerprint features)
Security level setting
TTL serial interface

Resolutions: 508 DPI
Fingerprint storage capacity: 100 pcs of fingerprint template
Verification time: < 0.45 sec
Identification time: < 0.45 sec
False accept rate (FAR): < 0.0001%
False reject rate (FRR): < 0.01%
Interface: Serial UART, 19200 bps (default)
Baud rate: 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 bps
Working current: < 50mA
Standby current: < 10μA
Supply voltage: DC  5V
Digital I/O voltage: 3.3V, 5V
Operating temperature: – 20  ℃ ~ 60 ℃
Operating humidity: 20% ~ 80%

Package Include:
1x Fingerprint Module
Scanner Properties
Resolution 508 DPI
Electrical Parameters
Voltage DC 5V

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