10 PCS 3D Printer Flange Ball Bearing

10 PCS 3D Printer Flange Ball Bearing
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Tags: Flange Bearing, Ball Bearing, F623ZZ, F624ZZ, F625ZZ, F604ZZ, F688ZZ

Ball bearings help to reduce friction in 3D printer. It usually used in combination with timing belts.
Flange mounted bearings are used when the shaft axis is perpendicular to the bearing mounting surface. 
These ball bearings are suitable for both radial and axial movements at high speeds. They incorporate a sealed bearing that is preassembled into a flanged housing. The housing contains a precision ground surface perpendicular to the bearing axis and two, three or four mounting holes, depending on the style. Some typical applications for these bearings: Hold the (Z-axis) screws in place, supporting and guiding the movements of timing belt systems and reduce turning friction (eg in cold ends).

Flange bearing types are various, according to their size and edges.

Flange Ball Bearing Features :

  1. Model: F623ZZ  
        Size: 3mm x 10mm x 4mm
        Outer Diameter: 10mm
        Inner Diameter: 3mm
        Thickness: 4mm
  2. Model: F624ZZ  
        Size: 4mm x 15mm x 5mm
        Outer Diameter: 15mm
        Inner Diameter: 4mm
        Thickness: 5mm
  3. Model: F625ZZ  
        Size: 5mm x 18mm x 5mm
        Outer Diameter: 18mm
        Inner Diameter: 5mm
        Thickness: 5mm
  4. Model: F688ZZ  
        Size: 8mm x 16mm x 5mm
        Outer Diameter: 16mm
        Inner Diameter: 8mm
        Thickness: 5mm
  5. Model: F604ZZ
        Size: 4mm x 13mm x 4mm
        Outer Diameter: 13mm
        Inner Diameter: 4mm
        Thickness: 4mm


Flanged bearing ball catalouge pdf Link

Package include:
10x Ball Bearing

Physical Parameters
Material Steel

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