3 PCS ESP8266 WIFI Witty Cloud Module

3 PCS ESP8266 WIFI Witty Cloud Module
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The ESP8266 Witty Cloud ESP-12F WiFi Module is a powerful WiFi enabled processor in a compact package that incorporates an RGB LED, LDR light sensor and pushbutton for easy stand-alone operation.
Witty Cloud board is one of the cheapest ESP8266 device you can get on the market. It has a microUSB port with USB-Serial interface, which means no soldering! The board also contains an RGB LED and a button, which allows me to use it without a breadboard.
Besides adding WiFi capability, the main claim to fame for the ESP8266 processor over the AVR processor of the standard Arduino is that it has a larger 4 MB of Flash memory and runs at clock speeds of 80 MHz and can sometimes optionally be overclocked to 160 MHz and therefore has a fast processing speed.  
This cheap and small Wifi transciever is the perfect solution for home Automation and IoT applications.
Microcontroller: ESP-8266 32-bit
Clock Speed: 80 / 160MHz
USB Converter: CH340
USB Connector: Micro USB
Operating Voltage: 3.3V
Flash Memory: 4 MB
Digital I/O: 11
Analog Inputs: 1
Communications: Serial, SPI.  I2C and 1-Wire via software libraries
WiFi: Built-in 802.11 b/g/n
LED: Built-in RGB LED
Light Sensor: Built-in LDR photoresistor
Buttons: Built-in pushbutton
Programming: Compatible with Arduino IDE and NodeMCU
LDR Lignt Sensor on board
WS2812 Led on board
3x tactile buttons (1x in the Witty board and 2x in theCH340 board)
Supports 3 modes: AP,STA,AP+STA
Dimensions: 24mm x 16mm
Micro USB connection for power and/or programming
Package include:
3x ESP8266 Module
Electrical Parameters
Frequency 2.4GHz
Microcontrollers Features
Flash 4 MB
I/O Pin 11
Physical Parameters
Size 24mm x 16mm

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