DC Elecrical Parameter Tester [10A , 100V]

DC Elecrical Parameter Tester [10A , 100V]
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Tags: DC Voltmeter, DC Ammeter, Power Meter, Current Meter, Voltage Meter, Digital Voltmeter, Digital Ammeter, Digital Timer, Digital Sensor

OLED Multi-functional 7-in-1 Electrical Parameter Meter Voltage Current Time Power Energy Capacity Temperature TesterThis meter, with clear OLED display, is a multi-functional meter used for testing voltage, current, power, temperature, capacity, time and energy conveniently.
Multifunctional meter is compact and lightweight, easy for installation and carrying With wide application. This parameter tester is suitable for engineering monitoring power/DIY charging meter/car/battery, etc.

After a long time use, due to the aging of components or temperature variation, it may appear tiny error when measuring the small current.
To avoid this error, you can unplug the current wire socket and keep pressing the button to connect power supply until the screen display "AAA", then loose button.

Functions:  Voltmeter, Ammeter, Power Meter, Thermometer, Timer, Battery Capacity Tester
Output Type: Digital
Operating Voltage: 4V ~ 20V
Voltage measurement range: 0 ~ 99.9VDC
Current measurement range: 0 ~ 9.99ADC
Time measurement range: 0 ~ 99h59min
Power measurement range: 0 ~ 999.9W
Temperature measurement range: -15°C ~ 60°C
Capacity accumulation range: 0 ~ 99.999Ah
Energy accumulation range: 0 ~ 9999.9Wh
Voltage measurement accuracy: ± (0.5% + 1digits)
Current measurement accuracy: ± (1% + 2 digits)
Size: 48mm x 29mm x 22mm

Package Include:
1 x  Multi-function OLED [100V, 10A]

Sensor Parameters
Accuracy Voltage: ± (0.5% + 1digits) , Current: ± (1% + 2 digits)
Measuring range Timer: 0 ~ 99h59min , Capacity: 0 ~ 99.999Ah , Energy: 0 ~ 9999.9Wh
Output Type Digital
Temperature Range -15°C ~ 60°C
Current Range 0 ~ 9.99ADC
Voltage Range 0 ~ 99.9VDC
Power Range 0 ~ 999.9W
Electrical Parameters
Operating Voltage 4V ~ 20V
Physical Parameters
Size 48mm x 29mm x 22mm

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