3D Printer E3D V5 Hotend With 0.3mm Nozzle

3D Printer E3D V5 Hotend With 0.3mm Nozzle
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The hot end is where the heated filament comes out and moves across the print bed to create your 3D object! Since this is where the filament heats up & partially liquefies, it gets quite hot (250 degrees celsius!) and is insulated from the rest of the printer. Most desktop 3D printers ship with 0.4mm nozzles as standard, but there are many other sizes available.
The 3D printer nozzle is a veritable world of options. Brass is the preferred material for factory-shipped default nozzles but while fine for softer materials like PLA and ABS, filaments with tough additives such as carbon fiber will quickly wear away and deform a brass nozzle’s opening. For specialist filaments, 3D printer nozzle materials like stainless steel and ruby are preferred.

Filament Size: 1.75 mm
Nozzle Diameter: 0.3 mm
Fully metallic Hotend, which guarantees good quality in your prints
Capable to print any 3D Printer plastic filament - ABS, PLA, etc.
Wiring Insulation: High-temperature Teflon/PTFE


3D Printer Properties
Nozzle Diameter 0.3mm
Supporting Material ABS, PLA
Filament size 1.75mm
Physical Parameters
Weight 64 g

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