E27 Plant LED Grow Lamp [5W] [111V-240V]

E27 Plant LED Grow Lamp [5W] [111V-240V]
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This LED lamp is a 5W bi-color (Blue with wavelength of 445nm to 450nm and Red with wavelength of 660nm) for growing plants with the E27 bulb size, which is made of the high-quality LED and is suitable for bonsai water plants, orchids fleshy flower, vegetables, and other leafy plants. this lamp is supplied with city power in the range of 111V up to 240V AC. This LED has a light angle of 30 degrees, means it distributes the light in tight angle and can cover a small area with high luminance.
A grow lamp or grow light is an artificial light source such as electric light, LED, and so on, which produces, emits, and intensify special light spectrum (special wavelength) to stimulate plant photosynthesis to result in plant growth. In fact, you can apply any full spectrum light such as Halogen lights for plant growth, but you they cost very high because of their power dissipation. Each plant is usually stimulated by an especial part of the light spectrum, so by applying a full spectrum LED, you take both cost and required wavelength into account. LED grow lights feature high brightness, high luminous efficiency, long life span, lower power consumption, etc, which is ideal for plants growing in gardening, family balcony seedling, greenhouse planting and so on.
When buying a plant LED light source, there are several factors to consider and these have been narrowed down into six different considerations:

  • Light Intensity: the number of photons that plants can use for growth and flowering. PPF stands for Photosynthetic Photon Flux and is the total light output of the lamp in umol/s.
  • Spectrum: Light spectrum depends on plant type and plant growth stage, for example, the warm red spectrum is recommended for flowering, and the cool blue spectrum is recommended for vegetative growth.
  • Wattage Draw: the amount of power consuming
  • Coverage Area: the surface area which LED can effectively stimulate its plants
  • Warranty
  • Price

Lamp base: E27
Voltage:111Vac ~ 240Vac
Power: 5W
LED quantity: 5 pieces (2 blue & 3 red)
Color: Blue, Red
Size: 49mm x 72mm

Package Include:
1 x 5W E27 Plant LED Grow Lamp

Electrical Parameters
Voltage 111V AC ~ 240V AC
Power 5W
LED Parameters
Color Blue , Red
Physical Parameters
Size 49mm x 72mm
Material Aluminum

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