DS1624 Temperature Sensor Module with Memory

DS1624 Temperature Sensor Module with Memory
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Tags: Temperature Sensor, Digital Sensor, CJMCU, Sensor module, module with memory

This module is based on DS1624 that consists of a digital thermometer and 256 bytes of E2 memory. The direct-to-digital temperature sensor allows the DS1624 to measure the ambient temperature and report the temperature with 0.0625°C resolution. The DS1624 supports a bidirectional two-wire bus and data transmission protocol. 
The information is transferred byte-wise and each receiver acknowledges with a ninth bit. Within the bus specifications, a standard mode (100kHz clock rate) and a fast mode (400kHz clock rate) are defined. The DS1624 works in both modes. Since data are transmitted over the 2-wire bus MSB first, temperature data can be written to/read from the DS1624 as either a single byte (with temperature resolution of 1°C) or as 2 bytes, the second byte containing the value of the four least significant bits of the temperature reading. Note that the remaining 4 bits of this byte are set to all zeros.
Data transfer can be initiated only when the bus is not busy. During data transfer, the data line must remain stable whenever the clock line is high. Changes in the data line, while the clock line is high, are interpreted as control signals.

Chip: DS1624
Input Voltage: 2.7V ~ 5.5V
Output Type: Digital
ADC: 13 bit
Temperatures Range: -55°C ~ +125°C (-67°F~ +257°F)
Temperature measurements require no external components
Converts temperature to digital word in 1 second (max)
256 bytes of E2 memory on board for storing information such as frequency compensation coefficients
Applications include temperature-compensated crystal oscillators for test equipment and radio systems
Interface: I2C
Pin Number: 8 Pins

Package Include:
1 x CJMCU DS1624 Temperature Sensor with Memory

Interface Type I2C
Sensor Parameters
Internal ADC 13 bit
Output Type Digital
Temperature Range -55°C ~ +125°C (-67°F~ +257°F)
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 2.7V ~ 5.5V
Board Parameters
Main Chip DS1624
Pin Count 8 Pins

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