DS04-NFC Servo Motor [360 Degree] [5.5Kg]

DS04-NFC Servo Motor [360 Degree] [5.5Kg]
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Tags: 360 Degree Servo, Robotic Motor, Robotic Servo, Continuous Rotation Servo, 6V Motor

This Servo DC gear motor is a 360° continuous rotation motor that can rotate continuously both forward and backward. The motor is highly torqued and easy to interface with any type of microcontroller.
The signal terminal needs to be input with one 50 Hz square wave, then the duration of the high-level pulse, which is used to control the signal cycle and be able to control speed and forward/backward rotation as well as stalling.
The duration of a high level corresponds to a speed.
When a high level is 1ms - 1.5ms, servo rotates forward(the rotate speed is the fastest when it is 1ms, the higher the lower, the servo will stop rotating when reaching 1.5ms). When a high level is 1.5 - 2ms, the servo rotates backward(The servo stops rotating when reaching 1.5ms, when the duration is closer to 2ms, the closer, the faster. The backward rotation speed, the fastest when reaching 2ms).
Model: DS04-NFC
Motor Voltage: 4.8V ~ 6V
Motor Current: <1000 mA
Torque: 5.5 kg/cm (at 4.8 V)
Speed: 0.22sec/60° (st 4.8 V)
Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 60°C
Application: Airplane / Cars / Robots
Color: Black
Size: 40.8mm x 39.5mm x 20mm

Note 1: This servo can draw relatively high currents, especially with a load. (up to approximately 1000mA at 4.8V at standstill) So choose a suitable power supply for the servo. It is not recommended to take the Arduino power.

Note 2: The axis of this servo has a slight deviation. We do not recommend this servo if you want to use the servo for a precise application!

Package Include:
1 x DS04-NFC Servo Motor

Motor Specifications
Motor Size 40.8mm x 39.5mm x 20mm
Motor voltage 4.8V~ 6V
Torque 5.5 kg/cm (at 4.8 V)
Motor Current <1000 mA
Speed 0.22sec/60° (st 4.8 V)
Physical Parameters
Color Black
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature 0°C ~ 60°C

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