5 PCS DRV8833 Dual Channel DC Motor Driver Module [2.7V-10.8V] [1.5A]

5 PCS DRV8833 Dual Channel DC Motor Driver Module [2.7V-10.8V] [1.5A]
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The DRV8833 is a dual channel DC H-bridge stepper motor driver break-out board that can deliver 1.2 A per channel continuously (2A peak) to a pair of DC motors. With an operating voltage range from 2.7 V to 10.8 V and built-in protection against reverse-polarity, under-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature, The DRV8833 driver is a great choice for small powered and low-voltage DC motors.
For assembling a robot, you must learn about controlling a variety of motors like DC motors, Stepper motors & servos. If you want to have a complete control over DC motor, we must control its speed and rotation direction. This can be acquired by applying these two solutions, together: PWM (For controlling speed) and H-Bridge (For controlling rotation direction).

2 Full H-bridges on-board
Operating Voltage: 2.7V ~ 10.8V
Max Current: 1.5A (Per Channel)
Control 2 bidirectional DC motors or 1 stepper motor
Built-in kickback diodes
Logic Voltage High: 2.7V or greater (works with Arduino, Orange Pi, Raspberry Pi & other 5V or 3.3V microcontrollers)
Overcurrent protection, Short circuit protection, under voltage lockout, overheating protection & low-power sleep modes
Size: 18.4mm x 16mm

ULT PIN: Mode select pin (Low level is sleep mode)
IN1 / IN2: H-bridge that controls OUT1 and OUT2
IN3 / IN4: H-bridge that controls OUT3 and OUT4
EEP PIN: Output protection. For normal use, this does not need to be connected.
VCC: 2.7V - 10.8V DC

Read carefully DRV8833 datasheet.

Package Include:
5 x DRV8833 DC 2-Way Motor Driver Module

Electrical Parameters
Operating Voltage 2.7V ~ 10.8V
Current 1.5A (Per Channel)
Physical Parameters
Size 18.4mm x 16mm

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