LC digital meter model LC100-A

LC digital meter model LC100-A
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Engineers engaged in electronic development often need to measure inductance and capacitance. However, the inductance and capacitance meters sold on the market are expensive and have large errors in measuring small inductors and capacitances. This meter is based on the LC resonance principle and incorporates the precision measurement of a high-speed microcontroller. Calculation, it can measure inductors below 1uH and small capacitors below 1pF. This is also the biggest feature of this instrument. It is especially suitable for microwave production and measurement of switching power supply transformers and filter inductors.
LC100 series instruments are divided into two models: LC100-S basic type and LC100-A full-function type. LC100-S type has three measurement gears:
1. C level...... Capacitor (0.01pF-10uF)
2. L level......Inductor (0.001uH-100mH)
3. HL level...large inductance (0.001mH-100H)
The LC100-A type has one more gear than the LC100-S:
4. HC level...large capacitance level (1uF-100mF),

Measurement accuracy: 1%
Capacity measuring range: 0.01pF-10uF
Minimum resolution: 0.01pF
Inductance Range: 0.001uH-100mH
Minimum resolution: 0.001uH
Large inductance measurement range: 0.001mH-100H
Minimum resolution: 0.001mH
Large capacity measuring range: 1uF-100mF
Minimum resolution: 0.01uF
Test frequency: capacitors, inductors file about 500kHz, large inductance of about 500Hz
Can display current test frequency value
Effective display digits: 4
Display: 1602 LCD
Power supply: miniUSB interface to take power or 5V power supply

LC tester model LC100-A manual

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