Digital Dial Indicator

Digital Dial Indicator
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Dial gauge is a measuring instrument employed to measure linear displacement. Depending on the reading system, dial gauge can be classified into dial gauge, where reading is performed thanks to a clock, and digital, where reading is performed directly on an electronic digital indicator.
Dial gauge operation principle is on the displacement reading of a mobile cylindrical rod that slides inside a tubular guide.
The end of the rod, called "probe", is in contact with the surface of the measured object.
Digital dial gauge adopts this operation principle: minimum displacements of the rod are converted into electrical pulses countable by an electronic indicator. Electronics evolution has allowed the realization of miniaturized and very low-consumable indicators, so a common button battery can easily feed them.
The display of dial gauges is normally made with a resolution of 0.01mm.

Resolution: 0. 01mm
Measuring Range: 0 ~ 12.7mm
Accuracy: <±0.01mm
Zero settings at any position.
"On/Off" button.
Metric/Inch system interchange at any position.
With the data output interface.

Package Included:
1 x Digital Dial Indicator

Sensor Parameters
Accuracy <±0.01mm
Measuring range 0 ~ 12.7mm
Output Type Digital
Resolution 0. 01mm

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