DC Gear Micro Motor [3V] [47rpm, 240rpm, 1200rpm]

DC Gear Micro Motor [3V] [47rpm, 240rpm, 1200rpm]
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Tags: Gear Motor, 3V DC Motor, Miniature Motor, DC Motor, DC Gear Motor, Micro Motor

A gear motor is an all-in-one combination of a motor and gearbox. The addition of a gear head to a motor reduces the speed while increasing the torque output. The most important parameters in regards to gear motors are speed (rpm), torque (lb-in) and efficiency (%).
Small DC motors are used in tools, toys, and appliances. The universal motor can operate on direct current but it is a lightweight brushed motor used for portable power tools and appliances. Larger DC motors are currently used in the propulsion of electric vehicles, elevator and hoists, and in drives for steel rolling mills.
A gear motor can be either an AC (alternating current) or a DC (direct current) electric motor. Most gear motors have an output of 1,200 to 3,600 revolutions per minute (RPMs).

Diameter: 6mm
Length: 16.5mm (1200rpm), 18.7mm (240rpm), 21.05 (47rpm)
Output Shaft Diameter: 2mm (with flat position 1.5mm)
Output Shaft length: 2.8mm (from the panel)
Motor Voltage: 3V   
No-Load Speed: 47rpm, 240rpm, 1200rpm (Optional)
Load Speed: 40rpm, 200rpm, 1000rpm
No-Load Current: 25mA
Load Current: 40mA
Load Torque: 25g.cm (1200rpm), 120g.cm (240rpm), 200g.cm (47rpm)
Stall Torque: 55g.cm (1200rpm), 280g.cm (240rpm), 452g.cm (47rpm)

Package Include:
1 x DC Micro Motor

Motor Specifications
Motor voltage 3V
No Load Current 25mA
No-Load Speed 47rpm, 240rpm, 1200rpm (Optional)
Shaft Diameter 2mm (with flat position 1.5mm)
Torque Load Torque: 25g.cm (1200rpm), 120g.cm (240rpm), 200g.cm (47rpm), Stall Torque: 55g.cm (1200rpm), 280g.cm (240rpm), 452g.cm (47rpm)
Diameter 6mm
Length 16.5mm (1200rpm), 18.7mm (240rpm), 21.05 (47rpm)
Shaft Length 2.8mm (from the panel)
Load Speed 40rpm, 200rpm, 1000rpm
Load Current 40mA

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