CS5460A Power Energy Metering Module

CS5460A Power Energy Metering Module
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CJMCU CS5460A Single Phase, Two Way Serial Energy Metering Module is developed based on CS5460A IC, which is a single phase,  two channels (one Chanel for current and one channel for voltage) power/energy IC. The IC is a fully integrated power measurement utility which combines two ADCs (Analog-to-Digital Converters), high-speed power calculation functions, and a serial interface on a single chip. It measures and calculates the quantity of Real Energy, Instantaneous Power, IRMS, and VRMS   for single phase 2-wire or 3-wire power metering devices. For measuring current, the CS5460A module interfaces to a cheap shunt resistor or transformer, and interfaces to a resistive divider or potential transformer for measuring voltage. This module applies a bi-directional serial interface for connection with a micro-controller and a pulse output engine for which the average pulse frequency is proportional to the real power. The module has on-chip functionality to facilitate AC or DC system-level calibration, conveniently. 
It has a smart “Auto-boot” Mode, which enables it initializes itself on system power-up and works without micro-controller. On self-boot Mode, the CS5460A reads the calibration data and start-up instructions from an external EEPROM. By applying it in this mode, the CS5460A can operate without a micro-controller, therefore designer can reduce the total cost, because of the BOM reduction part.

Energy Data Linearity: ±01% of Reading over 1000:1 Dynamic Range.
On-Chip Functions: (Real) Energy, I ∗ V, IRMS VRMS, Energy-to-Pulse Conversion 
Smart “Auto-boot” Mode from Serial EEPROM Enables Use without .
Mechanical Counter/Stepper Motor Driver
Meets Accuracy Spec for IEC 687/1036, JIS
Typical Power Consumption <12  
Interface Optimized for Shunt Sensor 
V vs. I Phase Compensation
Ground-Referenced Signals with Single Supply
On-chip 2.5 V Reference (MAX 60 /°C drift)
Simple Three-wire Digital Serial Interface
AC or DC system calibration
In line with IEC687 / 1036, JIS industry standards
A single-supply ground reference signal
Watchdog Timer
With a power monitor
Power Supply Configurations VA+ = +5 V; VA- = 0 V; VD+ = +3.3 V to +5 V

Package Include:
1 x CS5460A Energy Metering Module

Electrical Parameters
Impedance 30 Kohm (in Current chanel)
CMMR 80 dB Min(DC, 50, 60 Hz)
Physical Parameters
Weight 5g

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