Xilinx Platform Cable USB Programmer

Xilinx Platform Cable USB Programmer
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CPLD FPGA Xilinx Platform Cable USB Programmer is an in-circuit configuration and programming of all Xilinx devices by PCs. This Xilinx Platform Cable USB programmer is USB support and should be connected to the USB port of a PC with a USB 2.0 cable, also be connected to the Xilinx devices such as FPGA (UltraScale / 7 series / Zynq / Kintex / Virtex / Artix / Spartan, etc.), CPLD (XC9500 / XC9500XL / XC9500XV / CoolRunner XPLA3 / CoolRunner-II, etc.), and PROM (Platform Flash XCF00S / XCF00P / XL, etc.) through the JTAG, Slave-Serial, and SPI communication protocol, with proper serial cable. After physical connections, the PC should have the proper software to a configuration such as Xilinx ISE, ChipScope, and Vivado, which is installed on PC OS and allows the user to configure the Xilinx devices via these programs. This programmer has two LED indicator, one red LED to show the USB connection state, and one yellow LED to show the aimed board power status (Vref is on then yellow LED is off, too). This set is supplied with USB connection, and can supplies the aimed boards with 1.4V up to 5 V DC (1.4V< Vref <5V DC).

XILINX Debugger Application:

  1. Xilinx-based projects

XILINX Debugger Features:

  1. Chip: CY7C68013A + XC2C256
  2. Auto upgrade firmware.
  3. Support all Xilinx CPLD/FPGA devices.
  4. Support IMPACT and ChipScope.
  5. Support JTAG, Slave Serial, SPI download mode.
  6. The target device download clock is optional, up to 24MHz.
  7. Target device voltage 1.2V-5.5V compatible, automatic adaptation to the target board I/O voltage.
  8. JTAG with signal isolation processing, to protect your equipment.
  9. LED status indicator indicating the target device's power status.

CPLD9L Programmer Items:

  1. 1 x Platform Cable USB
  2. 1 x JTAG adapter
  3. 1 x USB cable
  4. 1 x 8-pin to 7-pin separated cable
  5. 1 x 14-pin (2.54mm pitch) JTAG cable
  6. 1 x 14-pin (2mm pitch) JTAG cable
  7. 1 x 10-pin (2.54mm pitch) JTAG cable


  1. CPLD9L Programmer Link
Electrical Parameters
Output Voltage 1.4V ~ 5 V DC
Voltage 5V
Board Parameters
Clock Speed Optional up to 24MHz

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