Copper Desoldering Wire

Copper Desoldering Wire
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Desoldering is the removal of solder and components from a circuit board for troubleshooting, repair, replacement, and salvage. 
Desoldering requires the application of heat to the solder joint and removing the molten solder so that the joint may be separated. Desoldering may be required to replace a defective component, to alter an existing circuit, or to salvage components for re-use. The use of too high a temperature or heating for too long may damage components or destroy the bond between a printed circuit trace and the board substrate. Techniques are different for through-hole and surface-mounted components. Desoldering wire is used to remove solder from an elemental device or from patterns on a printed circuit board (PCB) from which surface-mounted devices such as BGA (ball grid array) have been removed.
Desoldering braid, also known as a desoldering wick or solder wick, is finely braided 18 to 42 AWG copper wire coated with rosin flux, usually supplied on a roll.
The end of a length of braid is placed over the soldered connections of a component being removed. The connections are heated with a soldering iron until the solder melts and is wicked into the braid by capillary action. The braid is removed while the solder is still molten, its used section cut off and discarded when cool. Short lengths of the cut braid will prevent heat from being carried away by the braid instead of heating the joint.

Model: WL-1515, WL-2015, WL-2515, WL-3015, WL-3515
Type: Desoldering Wire 
Material: Copper 
Width of The Wire: 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm (optional)
Length: 1.5m

Package Include:
1 x Desoldering Wire

Physical Parameters
Length 1.5m
Width 1.5mm , 2mm , 2.5mm , 3mm , 3.5mm (Optional)
Material Copper

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