CM108 USB Sound Card Module

CM108 USB Sound Card Module
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Tags: USB Sound Card, External Sound Card, CM108, HF170, Laptop Sound Card

CM108 USB External Sound Card Module is a plug and plays external USB sound card that can pull out the digital audio signals from PC USB ports and converts it to analog audio signals for amplifying or playing with the headphone or active speakers. Also, this card receives audio input from a microphone, amplifies it, and convert it to digital signals for PC processing. This module is a small and lightweight sound card with a 3.5mm audio jack input for microphone audio in and another 3.5mm audio jack for output stereo audio signals. This sound card is based on CM108 A High Integrated USB Audio I/O Controller chip. This chip is comprised of dual DAC and amplifier for headphone signals, ADC and amplifier for microphone input signal, PLL, regulator, and USB transceiver. 
This card is a high-quality sound card, suitable replacement of the defected sound card or audio port, especially for laptops and other portable PC. Trough this USB interface, we can use the common headphones, headset, speakers or microphone through the USB port on the PCs (desktop, laptops, etc.). This USB sound card eliminates EMI (Interference) and establishes a stable and high sound quality. This sound card is compatible with most OS such as Windows PC (any version except WIN2000, WINXP, WIN3003 operating system), Windows Server 2003, Linux (any version), Mac OSX. This is a plug and play device which not requires any external power supply. This is compatible with USB2 high-speed port and also compatible with USB audio device class specification 1.0. 

Chip model: CM108 external crystal
Output: 3.5mm green headphone jack
Input: 3.5mm microphone jack
USB interface
Plug and play
Analog audio signals can be output to directly drive headphones or powered speakers
No drivers in WIN2000, WINXP, WIN3003 system

Package Include:
1 x Sound Card 

Interface Type USB
Physical Parameters
Weight 7g
Ports And Jumpers
Audio Input 3.5mm microphone jack
Audio Output 3.5mm headphone jack

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