5 PCS Cam Follower Needle Roller Bearing

5 PCS Cam Follower Needle Roller Bearing
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Tags: Cam Followe, Roller Bearing, Needle Bearing, KR22 Bearing, KR12 Bearing, KR13 Bearing, KR19 Bearing

5 PCS Cam Follower Needle Roller Bearing package contains 5 pieces of a precision roller bearing with nut, which is used to guide slider conveyer belt rail in a linear path.  A cam follower is known as a track follower that is designed to track cam lob profiles. The roller follower is a consolidated and stiff bearing set.  The cam follower is categorized base on bearing types (as roller bearing and needle bearing) or according to surface contact between the cam follower and cam (as knife-edge follower, roller follower,  flat follower, spherical follower, oscillatory motion type follower, and offset follower). These cam followers are CF/KR bearing series, which is based on a needle bearing and is used as a linear lead for cam disks and linear movement.
This bearing is presented in 4 optional models of the CF4 / KR12, CF5 / KR13,  CF8 / KR19, and CF10 / KR22, that a digit after CF  means the screw size such as M4, M5, M8, and M10, nad two digit after the KR indicate the wheel diameter. 

Type: CF10 / KR22    
    Thread: M10 x 1.25
    Wheel diameter: 22mm
    Total Length: 36.2
Type: CF4 / KR12        
    Thread: M4 x 0.7
    Wheel diameter: 12mm
    Total Length: 20.5mm
Type: CF5 / KR13    
    Thread: M5 x 0.8
    Wheel diameter: 13mm
    Total Length: 23mm
Type: CF8 / KR19    
    Thread: M8 x 1.25
    Wheel diameter: 19mm
    Total Length: 32.2mm

Package include:
5 x Roller Bearing

Physical Parameters
Weight 18g
Material Steel

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