C8051F320 USB Flash Microcontroller Development Board

C8051F320 USB Flash Microcontroller Development Board
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Tags: Development Board, C8051F320, USB Mixed Signal, 16KB Flash

C8051F320 USB Mixed Signal Flash Microcontroller Development Board [8051] [16KB] is an 8051 microcontroller development board, which is based on C8051F320 full speed USB Mixed-Signal 16KB FLASH MCU chip. The C8051F320 chip is completely monolithic mixed-signal System-on-a-Chip microcontroller. This chip is developed based on Cygnal's proprietary CIP-51 microcontroller core that fully compatible with 8051 microcontrollers and can support both peripheral categories of analog and digital. The CIP-51 is fully adopted with the MCS-51™ instruction set; standard 803x/805x that assemblers and programmer can be utilized to develop software. The CIP-51 core presents any peripheral adopted with a standard 8051 such as four 16-bit counter (timers), a full-duplex UART with extended baud rate configuration, an extended SPI port, 2304 bytes of internal RAM, 128 bytes SFR address space, and 25/21 I/O pins.
Overall, The C8051F320 can feature the below list:
Rapid pipelined 8051-adopted microcontroller core (up to 25 MIPS)
Internal fast debug interface without interfering (on-chip)
USB Function Controller with 8 pliable endpoint pipes, integrated transceiver, and 1k FIFO RAM
Voltage Regulator (5V-to-3V) to the power supply
True 10-bit 200 ksps,17-channel single-ended/differential ADC with an analog multiplexer
Internal Voltage Reference MUX
Internal thermal detector
Two internal Voltage Comparators 
Accurate programmable 12 MHz internal oscillators and 4x clock multiplier
16k bytes of internal FLASH memory
2304 total bytes of internal RAM (256 + 1k + 1k USB FIFO)
SMBus s/I2 C, Extended UART, and Extended SPI serial interfaces applied in hardware
Four general-purpose 16-bit timers
Programmable Counter/Timer Array (PCA) with five capture/compare modules and Watchdog Timer function
On-chip Power-On Reset, VDD Monitor, and Missing Clock Detector
25/21 Port I/O (5V tolerant)

High Speed 8051 μC Core
On-Chip Debug Circuitry Facilitates Full Speed, Non-Intrusive In-System Debug (No Emulator Required!)
On-chip Voltage Reference and Temperature Sensor
On-chip Voltage Comparators (2)
Input voltage: 5V
RAM: 2304 total bytes of on-chip RAM (256 + 1k + 1k USB FIFO)
ADC: 10bit
Interface: SPI, UART, I2C
Timer: 4 timers (16 bit)
Temperature: -40℃ to +85℃

Package Include:
1 x C8051F320 Development Board

Interface Type SPI , UART , I2C
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 5V
Board Parameters
ADC 10 bit ( Resolution )
CPU C8051F320
RAM 2304 Bytes
Timer 4 Timers (16 bit)
Physical Parameters
Operating Temperature -40℃ To +85℃

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