Reprap Bulldog Extruder Parts

Reprap Bulldog Extruder Parts
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Fully Metal Reprap Bulldog Extruder Parts for 1.75mm Filament is a complete set of metal mechanical components, compatible with the most groove mount hot ends such as E3D, J-head, and MK8 of the bulldog extruder remote proximity 3D printer, suitable for 1.75mm and 3mm filament. It has a symmetrical design to easily placed the motor in the left or right side. It is fitted with the model NEMA-17 of the stepper motors, also it is suitable with 42 stepper motors and global gear motor with precision. This product does not contain the transition block and the stepper motor. These parts are made of aluminum alloy, to be beautiful, light, and strong.
The bulldog extruder is an open source global extruder which can act like Bowden extruder or direct drive. This extruder is completely made of metal (Aluminum alloy and so on) and acts like a direct drive extruder that can be used for RepRap & DIY 3D Printers. This type of extruder is a greatly reliable extruder, although printing is time consuming but is clean.

Compatible with: 1.75mm filament
Extruder gear inner bore: 5mm
Symmetrical design (The motor can be installed in the left or right side)
Fits NEMA-17 stepper motors (Not included!)
Full aluminum metal body
Very strong grip

Package Include:
1 x Bulldog extruder
1 x MK7 stainless steel feed wheel
2 x Bowden connector 1,75mm
8 x screws
2 x compression spring
1 x 626zz ball bearing

3D Printer Properties
Filament size 1.75mm
Physical Parameters
Weight 97g
Material Aluminum alloy

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