BTN7971B Dual Channel DC Motor Driver Module [7.2V-24V] [6A]

BTN7971B Dual Channel DC Motor Driver Module [7.2V-24V] [6A]
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BTN7971B Dual Channel DC Motor Driver Module is a 4 Channel, dual DC motor driver for free scale smart car race applications, which is based on four chipset of BTN7971B and a DM74LS244WM chip. The BTN7971B chip is a high current half bridge motor drive driver chipset, which is part of the NovalithIC™ family. Because of supporting logic level inputs, this chip can easily interface to a microcontroller. It just requires one line of 12V up to 30V motor power supply. The BTN7971B chip has many capabilities, such as detection with current sense, slew rate adjustment, dead time generation, overtemperature protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection and short circuit protection.

The BTS 7971B module is a valuable and compact protected high current PWM motor driver, which can be used on high requirements of axial flow fan, hollow cup motor, etc. The BTS 7971B chipset can be combined with other BTS 7971B chipset to make an H-bridge and 3-phase drive configurations. So this module uses four BTS7971B H-bridge driver chipset, with a high power driving and braking effect and also has a 74HC244 chip for effectively isolating the microcontroller and the motor driver. The module produces a 24V operating voltage and a maximum 6A continuous and 70A peak current and with PWM capability up to 25 kHz combined with active freewheeling.

BTN7971B driver motor module Application:

  1. smart car
  2. race application
  3. robotics

BTN7971B driver motor module Features:

  1. Model: BTN7971
  2. Main chip: BTN7971B
  3. Operating voltage: 7.2V~24V
  4. Output Current: 6A
  5. Output Channels: 4 Channel
  6. Control Signal Voltage: 3.3V ~ 5.5V
  7. PWM frequency: 0 ~ 25KHz
  8. Temperature: -40℃ ~ +100℃
  9. Output Power: 30W (at 7.2V), 120W (at 12V), 140W (at 24V)
  10. Protection Circuit: Anti-reversed Polarity Protection, Over-voltage Protection
  11. Size: 82mm x 42mm


  1. BTN7971B datasheet Link

Electrical Parameters
Frequency 0 ~ 25KHZ
Input Voltage 3.3V ~ 5.5V
Operating Voltage 7.2V ~ 24V
Output Current 6A (70A peak)
Output Power 30W (at 7.2V) ,120W (at 12V) , 140W (at 24V)
Physical Parameters
Operating Temperature -40℃ ~ +100℃
Size 82mm x 42mm

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