10 PCS BTA26-600B Triac [600V] [25A]

10 PCS BTA26-600B Triac [600V] [25A]
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10 PCS BTA26-600B Triac Thyristor [600V] [25A] package contains 10 pieces of an in-line Triac of BTA 26 series models. These series are presented in 3 optional of 600B, 700B, and 800B, with two sizes of a big and small chip. A triac is a 3 terminal semiconductor like a bidirectional SCR (thyristor), in fact, a triac is creat with two revers paralleled thyristor, which can conduct electrical current in both directions by enabling trigger signal. A triac is made from a P-N-P three layers of semiconductor conjunction, which 3 other N-layers ended with a terminal (overall 3 terminals) are infused in the two P-layers. The triac is designed to control the current flow, with a control signal named trigger signal. The triac can switch high voltage signals with a high current. So triac is ideal for utilizing in many power switching circuits and devices.
The BTA26 series is developed in TO-3P  insulated package with 25A current, that 600, 700, and 800 indicates the voltage and B means 50mA sensitivity.


  1. Phase control
  2. Static relays


  1. VRRM (Repetitive peak reverse voltage)= 600V
  2. IT(RMS) (RMS on-state current)= 25A
  3. ITSM (Non-repetitive peak on-state current)= 260A
  4. Tj (Operating junction temperature)= 125 ℃
  5. IGT (Gate trigger current)= 50mA
  6. VGT (Gate trigger voltage) = 1.5V
  7. Package: TO-3P
  8. Pin Count: 3


BTA26-600B Triac datasheet Link

Package Include:
10 x BTA26 Triac

Component Features
Package TO-3P
Pin Number 3 Pin
Triac Parameters
VRRM 600V, 700V, 800V
VDRM 600V, 700V, 800V
IT 25A rms
TJ 125 ℃
IGT 50mA
VGT 1.5V

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