12v 445nm 2.5W FB04 Dot Laser set

12v 445nm 2.5W FB04 Dot Laser set
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Powerful 2500mW Adjustable Focus Laser Set (FB04-2500) [2.5W] [445nm] is a 2.5w fb04 dot laser set, which is based on a 2500mw laser diode with the blue beam at 445nm wavelength in an aluminum housing associated with an optical lens, an electrical cooling fan, and a circuit driving and controlling. This laser set can be supplied with 12V up to 24V DC.
A laser diode, (LD), an injection laser diode (ILD), or diode laser is an especial semiconductor P-N junction, to emit coherent light with a narrow spectrum. Two big challenges of laser diodes projects are proper heat control (heat dissipation) and proper powering supply (diode driving). Therefore laser diode should be attached on the heat conductive case (copper, aluminum, and so on) to export diode heat producing into this body. Also, an optical lens is placed on the body to focus the laser beam. The laser diode can't be supplied with a simple voltage regulator. They need a precision current source for supplying, and a TTL /PWM circuit to control output for some functions such as engraving, too.
High-power laser diodes are used in industrial works such as heat treating, cladding, seam welding and for pumping other lasers, such as diode-pumped solid-state lasers. This laser set has an external ACC constant current drive with a TTL/PWM support adjustable power, to make DIY laser application and can be used in pointing applications, stage lighting, projection, metrology, CNC cutting or engraving on wood and plastic, and engraving on some metal surfaces.     

The laser diode is highly ESD sensitive (Don't touch it without ESD protection tools) Because of high power laser, while working, it can be harmful, especially for eyes, thus using eyeglass is necessary, otherwise consequences at your own risk. Do not use in combustible environment to avoid fire and explosion. Prevent children against exposure to this laser product. Do not open the case to avoid damage.

445nm FB04 laser module Application:

  1.  seam welding
  2.  pumping other lasers
  3. heat treating
  4. cladding

445nm fb04 laser module Features:

  1. Model: FB04-2500
  2. Spot mode: Dot
  3. Operating voltage: 12V
  4. Laser wavelength: 445nm
  5. Output power: 2.5W
  6. Working current: 2.5A
  7. Focus mode: Adjustment Focus
  8. Color: Blue
  9. Control Mode: PWM
  10. Drive Mode: External ACC Constant Current Drive
  11. Interface: TTL
  12. Material: Aluminum
  13. Cooling Mode: Heat Sink, Cooling Fan
  14. Life Time: >10,000 hours
  15. Size: 33mm x 33mm x 70mm
Interface Type TTL
Laser Features
Power 2.5W
wavelength 445nm
Color Blue
Spot Mode Dot
Electrical Parameters
Operating Voltage 12V
Working Current 2.5A
Physical Parameters
Size 33mm x 33mm x 70mm
Life Time >10,000 hours
Material Aluminum anodized

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