2 PCS B37 PCB Reference Ruler

2 PCS B37 PCB Reference Ruler
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2 PCS B37 PCB Reference Ruler package contains 2 pieces of a specific ruler, which get you a quantitative concept of electronic parameters. This electronic parameters usually can be used in PCB designing, and so this ruler is based on PCB and contains a lot of quantitative information that is required in PCB designing or diagnosis electronic chip and parts, such as chip package size, connection pitch, etc. This ruler is a 152.4mm x 25.4mm PCB that is marked with standard distance (to understand connection pitch, etc), thickness (to understand trace width), holes (to understand pinholes), DIP package shape (for understanding the size and shape of a chip), transistor shape (to understand type and size of a transistor) and so on. In facts, this PCB ruler is a sketch of the most useful datasheet primary information of the common electronic parts. It contains symbols and size information of the IC package of SOT23, SOT223, SOT89, SMA/SMB/SMC, HC49, DPAK, D2PAK, SSOP16, QFN24, SOIC8, and QFP32.

Black PCB with gold plating
PCB font size guide
Trace width measuring reference
AWG wire measurement tool
Inches are marked with a notch every 1/8"
Centimeters are marked with a notch every 0.1cm
Commonly used resistance and capacitance patch package: 0201,0402,0603,0805,1206,1812,3216,3528,6032,7343.
Size: 152.4mm x 25.4mm

Package Include:
2 x B37 PCB Reference Ruler

Physical Parameters
Size 152.4mm x 25.4mm
Material PCB board
Color Black

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