Arduino Mega 2560 Pro Embed CH340G

Arduino Mega 2560 Pro Embed CH340G
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Embedded Mega 2560 CH340G / ATmega2560-Compatible with Mega 2560 motherboard. Based on Atmel ATmega2560 microcontroller and USB-UART interface chip CH340G.
The circuit board is compact and measures 38x55mm. This is a great solution to make your final project on a soldered prototype board.
The motherboard function is similar to the Arduino Mega 2560. It is an embedded motherboard, but it is also stable and uses the original chip ATmega2560 (16 MHz).
Mega 2560 Pro embed board uses chip CH340G as the converter UART-USB. Provides stable data exchange results when you work at 12Mhz (requires driver installation to your computer).
Mega PRO (embedded) 2560 CH340G / ATmega2560-Connects to a computer via a microUSB cable (applicable to almost all Android smartphones).
You can power the board or the pins via the MicroUSB connector. The voltage regulator (LDO) can handle input voltages from 6V to 9V (18V peak) DC. The output current is 5V-about 800mA, 3.3V-about 800mA (please note that the higher the input voltage, the lower the output current).

Arduino mega 2560 pro ch340 Application:

  1. smartphone
  2. envorenment controller
  3. electronic project
  4. robotics

Arduino mega 2560 pro ch340 Features:

  1. Microcontroller: ATmega2560
  2. USB-TTL converter: CH340
  3. Power Out: 5V-800mA
  4. Power IN: 5V
  5. Power IN. VIN/DC Jack: 5V
  6. Power Consumption: 5V 220mA
  7. Logic Level: 5V
  8. USB: Micro USB
  9. Clock Frequency: 16MHz
  10. Operating Supply Voltage: 5V
  11. Digital I/O: 54
  12. Analog I/O: 16
  13. Memory Size: 256kb
  14. Data RAM Type/Size: 8Kb
  15. Data ROM Type/Size: 4Kb
  16. Interface Type: ISP
  17. Operating temperature: −40С°~+85С


Arduino Mega 2560 Pro installation

Mega 2560 Pro Pinout pdf 

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