Arduino 4 Channel Relay Shield [5V] [3A]

Arduino 4 Channel Relay Shield [5V] [3A]
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Arduino 4 Channel Relay Shield [5V] [3A] is an Arduino expansion quad relay board that consists of 4 relays acting by 5V DC signals. So this board is specialized for the microcontroller and Arduino boards, to drive and control the inductive loads such as AC motors, DC motors, step motors, servo motors, and also LED modules, and puzzling loads. This board is so designed that can directly be mounted or be plugged into the different microcontroller and Arduino boards result in 4 relays deriving line without any trouble of the wiring and cable patching. The relay function is not rapid, but it is powerful. The board is supplied with a 5V DC voltage and up to 130mA current and drives high power loads up to 5A current. This shield achieves a low current signal driving to control high power devices that can be used widely in SCM systems, LED lighting, home automation, industrial automation, transportation systems, and so on.

Channel: 4 Channel
Control Voltage: 5V
Input Current: 130mA
Max Switching Current: 3A
Input Voltage: 4.75V ~ 5V
Power consumption (at 5V): 180mA
Limit relay operation to no more than 30 cycles per minute
Output Voltage: AC:125V , DC:24V
Output Current: 3A
Size: 70mm x 54mm x 26mm

Please check back of the board to ensure insulating before attaching to an Arduino mainboard. Some pins may be too long that touch the Arduino boards and cause short cut problems.

Package Include:
1 x 4 Channel 5V Relay Shield

Electrical Parameters
Input Current 130mA
Input Voltage 5V
Output Current 3A
Output Voltage AC:125V , DC:24V
Control Voltage 5V
Physical Parameters
Size 70mm x 54mm x 26mm

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