APM Airspeed Ardupilot Arduplane Pitot Tube (Differential Airspeed)

APM Airspeed Ardupilot Arduplane Pitot Tube (Differential Airspeed)
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APM Airspeed Ardupilot Arduplane Pitot Tube (Differential Airspeed) is an airspeed sensor tube which works based on a differential air pressure detection. The pitot tube, also known as pitot prob, is made from a slender tube with two holes on it. This tube always needs a static pressure for reference value, which is applied to the side hole. The main (front) hole is placed in the low-pressure flow stream to detect and measure the direct pressure at the contact pitot tube hole. The difference between the two measurements achieves the amount of dynamic pressure.  Its precision is comparable to the 3DR original. This is just a sensor tube and does not include the airspeed sensor.
Basically, a pitot tube can be used in wind tunnel experiments, vehicle test systems, on airplanes to measure flow speed, and remote control toys and tools.

Metal tube length: 105mm
Suitable for: Ardupilot Arduplane APM2.5 2.6 2.8 
Use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys
For vehicle type: Airplanes

Package Include:
1 x Metal Splitter Tube
1 x Rubber Tube

Physical Parameters
Length 105mm (Metal tube)

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