2 PCS APC220 Wireless Transceiver Module (Transparent Transceiver) [433MHz]

2 PCS APC220 Wireless Transceiver Module (Transparent Transceiver) [433MHz]
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APC220 wireless transceiver module is a highly versatile, low power radio solution that is easy to setup and integrate into any project requiring a wireless RF link. It is perfect for robotic application which gives you a wireless control. You can connect one of these modules with your MCU through TTL interface. And connect your PC with another APC220 through a TTL/USB convert.
This transparent transceiver module is a user-friendly, economical, easy tuning and a compact transceiver module, which make it an ideal choice of wireless data transparent communications. It has a bi-directional communication with a microcontroller or PC, over faraway distances. With the mentioned characteristic, this module is a perfect solution for microcontrollers, Arduino boards and robotic wireless projects, anywhere. It can be controlled by a microcontroller directly through a TTL interface, that the TTL interface must be plugged in the USB adapter, or even can connect to a PC and be controlled by the PC through a TTL to USB adapter.

APC220 Module Application:

  1. Automated Meter Reading (AMR)
  2. Wireless sensor
  3. Industrial Automation
  4. The control of traffic signal
  5. Wireless handheld terminal
  6. Remote control and monitoring
  7. The management of cars
  8. Wire Replacement
  9.  Oil and Gas Detection.
  10. The control of robot

APC220 Module Features:

  1. Working frequency: 431 MHz to 478 MHz
  2. Power: 3.3-5.5V
  3. Current: <25-35mA
  4. Working temperature: -20°C~+70°C
  5. Range: 1200m line of sight (1200 bps)
  6. Interface: UART/TTL
  7. Baud rate: 1200-19200 bps
  8. Baud rate (air): 1200-19200 bps
  9. Receive Buffer: 256 bytes
  10. Size: 37mm × 17 mm × 6.6mm
  11. Weight: 30

APC220 Radio Communication Module Items:

  1. 2 x APC220 Modules
  2. 2 x Antenna
  3. 1 x USB to TTL adapter


  1. APC220 Arduino example Link
  2. APC220 Radio Communication Module user guide pdf
Interface Type UART / TTL
Wireless Parameters
Data Rate 1.2Kbps ~ 57.6Kbps
Modulation GFSK
Receive sensitivity -114dBm (at 9.6kbps)
Transmit Power 20mW (Max)
Transmission Distance 1000m (Open Area)
Electrical Parameters
Frequency 433MHz
Working Voltage 3.4V ~ 5.5V
Current 42mA(TX Mode Current) , 28mA(RX Mode Current) , 5uA(Sleep Mode Current)
Board Parameters
Main Chip ADF7020-1
Physical Parameters
Operating Temperature -30℃ ~ 85℃
Size 47mm x 18mm x 11mm

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