ADS1293 3 Channel Heart ECG Monitoring Sensor Module [2.7V-5.5V]

ADS1293 3 Channel Heart ECG Monitoring Sensor Module [2.7V-5.5V]
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Tags: Heart ECG, Heart Rate Monitoring, Heart Electrocardiogram, Remote Health Care, Analog Sensor, ECG

Electrocardiography is the process of producing an electrocardiogram (ECG), a recording, a graph of voltage versus time, of the electrical activity of the heart using electrodes placed on the skin.
This allows us to understand the level of physiological arousal that someone is experiencing. Medical uses for this information are varied and often need to be combined with knowledge of the structure of the heart and physical examination signs to be interpreted.
The ADS1293 includes all the features typically required in portable, low medical consumption, sports and fitness ECG applications.
This module includes 3 high-resolution digital electrocardiograms (ECG) channels with synchronized output stimulation. 
Each channel can be set for a specific sampling frequency and bandwidth, allowing users to optimize their configuration for performance and power consumption. All input pins contain electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter and the input channel can be selected via a flexible routing switch.
The ADS1293 enables the creation of scalable medical instrumentation systems at significantly reduced size, power, and overall cost. While ECG/PPG are ideal measures to track emotional arousal, they are not able to reveal emotional valence, the direction of emotion. The true power of ECG/PPG techniques unfolds as these sensors are combined with other data sources such as facial expression analysis, EEG, and eye-tracking.
The ADS1293 incorporates a self-diagnostics alarm system to detect when the system is out of the 2 applications operating conditions range. Such events are reported to error flags.

Main Chip: ADS1293
Input Voltage: 5V
Three high-resolution digital ECG channels with synchronized pacing output
Anti-electromagnetic interference (EMI) input
Power Consumption: Low (0.3mW per channel)
Input Incoming Noise: 7uVpp (40Hz bandwidth)
Input Bias Current: 175pA
Data Rate: up to 25.6ksps
Differential Input Voltage Range: ± 400mV
AC and DC lead disconnection detection
Wilson and Goldberger terminals
ALARMB pin for interrupt-driven diagnostics
Battery voltage monitoring
Built-in oscillator and reference
Flexible power-off and standby mode
Pin Number: 9 Pins
Size: 46.7mm x 34.1mm x 6.7mm

Package Include:
1 x CJMCU ADS1293 ECG Sensor Module

Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 5V
Data Rate 25.6ksps
Board Parameters
Main Chip ADS1293
Pin Count 9 Pins
Physical Parameters
Size 46.7mm x 34.1mm x 6.7mm

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