XMT-803 Temperature Controller

XMT-803 Temperature Controller
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XMT Series Temperature intelligence controller uses nowadays the most advanced monolithic microcomputer as mainframe, reduce peripheral assembly, and improve the reliability; It adopts the control method of vague theory combined with traditional PID control, and make the control process with the advantage of rapid response small overshoot high steady state precision. It is intelligence temperature controller with the function of high performance high reliability complete input, its function is suitable to all the occasion needed temperature measurement and control, also be compatible with other industrial parameter measurement and control. It adopts modular structure further improve overall performance; The meter is operated with 4-keys, dual row 4-LED display for displaying the measurement value and set value or measurement value and output value, with manual /automatic switch and setting itself function; with characteristic of small volume low power consumption convenient operation steady and reliable of running; They are now widely used for the automatic control system over the area of machinery, chemical, ceramics, light industry, metallurgy, petrifaction, heat treatment industry.

XMT-803 temperature indicator Application:

  1. Industrial Application
  2. smart home
  3. Garden House

XMT-803 temperature indicator Specifications:

  1. Measure over limit display: “ 1---- ” or “ -1----- ”
  2. Measurement speed: 3 times / sec
  3. Measurement accuracy: ( 25 °) ± 0.5 % FS = 1500ppm
  4. SSR trigger level voltage: DC8V--14V ( short circuit maximum current = 30mA)
  5. Relay contact relay capacity: AC 220V/3A
  6. Relay contact life: 100000 times
  7. Working environment: temperature 0~50 ° Relative humidity = 85 % RH
  8. Working power supply: ( 3W) AC 220V 50 HZ
  9. XMT-803 Dimensions 72*72


  1. Xmt 803 temperature controller user manual pdf Link
  2. XMT-803 Temperature Controller Link

Physical Parameters
Size 72mm x 72mm

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