DC-DC XL4015 5A Step Down Module

DC-DC XL4015 5A Step Down Module
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Tags: DC-DC, Power Converter Module, Adjustable Regulator Module, XL4015

This product is a 180 KHz fixed frequency PWM buck (step-down) DC/DC module,capable of driving a 5A load with high efficiency, low ripple and excellent line and load regulation.The module with a voltage meter to display the input voltage and output voltage, and the voltage can be corrected through the button to improve the accuracy of the voltmeter.

Input Voltage: 4V~38V (1.5V higher than the output at least)
Measurement Accuracy:±0.05V
Adjustable Output Voltage: 1.25V~35V.
Output Current: 5A
Dimension: 60mm x 37mm x 18mm

Calibration Method:
1. Power up the module with a stable and accurate power supply , such as a 5V power supply, then shot press the button on the right side to select which one do you need to adjust (input or output), and long pressing (press time > 2S) the button(right) makes the module enter the calibration model, after releasing the button, the related LED would blink to indicate which voltage is now calibrating, and the numeric display blinks the correction value.
2. Short press the button to change the correction value, Short press the button on the right side, voltage increases one unit, Short press the button on the left side, voltage reduce one unit, for example, if your power supply is 5V, but the result of voltage meter is 4.8, you need to set the value to 5V.
3. Long press button on the right side(press time ≈ 2S), to store the voltage correction value.
4. Calibrate the output voltage in the same way above; The correction value will be stored in nonvolatile memory.

Package Include:
1X Buck Module
1X Heat Sink
4X Screw and Nut

Electrical Parameters
Frequency 180KHz
Input Voltage DC 4-38V
Output Current 5A
Output Voltage DC 1.25-35V
Physical Parameters
Size 60mm x 37mm x 18mm

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