XKT412-03 5V Wireless Charger Module Pair

XKT412-03 5V Wireless Charger Module Pair
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This module is the use of newly developed core ElcoteqXKT-412Chip developed with the module , a powerful feature of this chip , you can easily achieve ultra- high power and very fine product applications , can meet a variety of large and small product realization no longer use an external coil PCB Itself as a transceiver for wireless charging power supply , this chip is the core module, primarily for manufacturers of various product applications , and engineering and technical personnel experienced electronics enthusiasts , and small quantities of the trial , the amount customers can apply for price,2Set to close on shipping ,10Buy ten get one or more sets provide schematics and production.

Transmitter module uses an adaptive mode power supply, can work directly in 5V ~ 12V
Transmitter module load current: 30 ~ 55mA
Launch PCB Plate size:61mm * 41mm * 1mm
Receive PCB Plate size:41mm * 31mm * 0.3mm
Maximum output current receiver module :5V/700mA( Receiver board device can output a large change larger current )
Current time receiver module :5V/500mA

Package Include:
1x Transmitter Wireless Charger Module
1x Receiver Wireless Charger Module
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage DC 5V-12V
Output Current 700mA
Output Voltage DC 5V

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