Silver thermal silicone grease 20g

Silver thermal silicone grease 20g
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product description
Name: Silver thermal conductive silicone grease
color: gray
Number of uses: about 100 times
Weight including bottle: about 19.6g
Features: This product has high thermal conductivity, high insulation, high temperature resistance, will not dry out when exposed for a long time, is not volatile, odorless, and non-corrosive
Thermal conductivity:>1.93W/mK
Working range: -50 to 300℃
How to apply thermal silicone grease?
The key is to be even, bubble-free, impurity-free, and as thin as possible. There are two main ways to apply it. One is to squeeze a little silicone grease in the center of the surface of the CPU/GPU, etc., and then use the pressure of the radiator to squeeze the silicone grease evenly. The other way is to evenly apply the silicone grease on the CPU/GPU. GPU and other surfaces. Obviously the first method is suitable for heat sources with smaller surface areas, and the second method is more suitable for CPUs/GPUs with larger surface areas, such as Intel Core 2 series processors. However, the second method is easy to get impurities when applying, and may also produce bubbles

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