Servo Tester Module

Servo Tester Module
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Tags: Servo Tester, CCPM Meter

This little blue Servo Tester Module is a great tool that can connect with up to three Servo Motors simultaneously, to check the health and capabilities of them and identify how effective they can be for various tasks. It can check the response times, find the neutral points and identify the maximum angles that servos are capable of, with three different modes to make it simple to operate as well.

Operating Voltage : 4.8 to 6V DC
Simultaneous Servo Test : 3
LED Mode Indicators : Manual / Neutral / Auto
Testing Capabilities : Response Time / Neutral Position / Max Angles
Dimensions : 49 x 41 x 17mm

Manual Mode: turn the knob with different speed; check the reaction time.
Neutral Mode: make the servo go back to the neutral point.
Automatic “window piper” mode: make the servo swing like a window wipers in the biggest angle.

Package Include:
1x Servo Tester
Electrical Parameters
Voltage DC 4.8-6V
Physical Parameters
Size 49mm x 41mm x 17mm

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