WB3-12 360 Degree Microwave Motion Detector Module [12V-35V]

WB3-12 360 Degree Microwave Motion Detector Module [12V-35V]
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Tags: Microwave Radar, Doppler Radar, Motion Detector, Motion Detection, Digital Sensor, Radar Module, Microwave Sensor

This module uses Doppler radar technology, with auto-sensing capabilities to control or command other devices. This sensor is widely used in lighting situations and Anti-theft alarm situations.
This microwave sensor uses advanced technology to transmit and receive microwaves using a planar antenna. An active sensor switch used for microwave induction. 
The sensor emits high-level electromagnetic waves and receives its echo. This sensor detects changes in the echo, even small movements within the detection range and then the microprocessor triggers and executes the command. It also provides high sensitivity, sensor distance, reliability, wide-angle sensor and wide supply voltage range.

Working Voltage: 12V ~ 35V DC
Quiescent Current: <7mA
Output Type: Digital
Default Delay Time: 1S (1~120S adjustment delay, please explain in advance)
Sensing Distance: 5m ~ 8m (default setting 6 meters)
Detection Angle: 180° x 360°
Output Signal: 3.3V , Low: 0V 
Pin Number: 3 Pins
Operating Temperature: -20°C  ~ +80°C
Size: 17.5mm x 23mm / (round plate D25)

Module operating requirements: DC input (LED power cross-flow input) can be connected to the load voltage does not exceed 36V Maximum output current 350MA

Safety systems
Intelligent lighting
Sensors for toys
Industrial Automation and Control
Automatic control of electrical equipment
Possible Battery Power

Package Include:
1 x WB3-12 Microwave Radar Sensor Module

Sensor Parameters
Detection Angle 180° x 360°
Output Type Digital
Detection Distance 5m ~ 8m (default setting 6 meters)
Electrical Parameters
Operating Voltage -20°C  ~ +80°C
Working Voltage 12V ~ 35V DC
Delay Default: 1S , (1~120S adjustment delay, please explain in advance)
Logic Voltage 3.3V , Low: 0V 
Quiescent Current <7mA
Current <7mA
Board Parameters
Pin Count 3 Pin
Physical Parameters
Operating Temperature -20°C  ~ +80°C
Size 17.5mm x 23mm/ (round plate D25)

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