20 PCS Mercury Tilt Switch

20 PCS Mercury Tilt Switch
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Tags: Tilt Switch, Mercury Tilt Switch, Digital Sensor, Tilt Sensor, Angle Sensor, Motion Detector, Motion Detection

A mercury switch is an electrical switch that opens and closes a circuit when a small amount of the liquid metal mercury connects metal electrodes to close the circuit.
There are several different basic designs (tilt, displacement, radial, etc.) but they all share the common design strength of non-eroding switch contacts.
The most common is the mercury tilt switch. It is in one state (open or closed) when tilted one direction with respect to horizontal, and the other state when tilted the other direction.
This is what older style thermostats used to turn a heater or air conditioner on or off.
The mercury displacement switch uses a 'plunger' that dips into a pool of mercury, raising the level in the container to contact at least one electrode. This design is used in relays in industrial applications that need to switch high current loads frequently. These relays use electromagnetic coils to pull steel sleeves inside hermetically sealed containers.
These are a cheap replacement for IMU just to detect the tilt, four of these mounted in 4 directions, You need breadboard or Protoboard to use this sensor.

Input Voltage: 20V (Max)
Current: 300mA
Operating Angle: 5° ~ 10°
Output Type: Digital
Diameter: 5mm , 3mm (Optional)
Pin Number: 2 Pin

Package Include:
20 x Mercury Tilt Switch

Sensor Parameters
Detection Angle 5° ~ 10°
Output Type Digital
Component Features
Pin Number 2 Pin
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 20V (Max)
Current 300mA
Physical Parameters
Diameter 5mm , 3mm (Optional)

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