HB200A Microwave PIR Motion Detector Module [5V]

HB200A Microwave PIR Motion Detector Module [5V]
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Tags: PIR Sensor, Microwave Radar, Motion Detector, Motion Detection, Doppler Radar, Digital Sensor

These motion detectors emit microwave signals and measure the time taken for the signal to be reflected back to the sensor. A person moving into the detection zone causes a disruption in the microwave beam and trigger.
These detect motion through the principle of Doppler radar and are similar to a radar speed gun. 
A continuous wave of microwave radiation is emitted, and phase shifts in the reflected microwaves due to motion of an object toward (or away from) the receiver result in a heterodyne signal at a low audio frequency.
It is mainly used in automatic door control, safety guard system, automatic video control system, etc. This module uses 10.525 GHz band to detect moving. This module is a Non-contact object detection which is independent of temperature, humidity, noise, airflow, dust, light, etc.
The output power is low and harmless for human body. The microwave motion detectors feature strong RF interface.

Operating voltage: 5V
Operating Current (CW): 60mA (max), 37mA (typical)
Transmitting Frequency: 10.525GHz
Frequency Setting Accuracy: 3MHz
Minimum Output power (EIRP): 13dBm
Harmonic Emission: <-10dBm
Detection Range: more than 20 meters

Pulse Operating Modes:
Average Current (5% DC): 2mA
Pulse Width (Min.): 5u sec
Duty Cycle (Min.): 1%

Sensitivity (10dB S / N ratio) : -86dBm (at 3Hz ~ 80Hz bandwidth)
3Hz to 80Hz Bandwidth Clutter: 10uV
Antenna Gain: 8dBi
Vertical plane 3dB beamwidth: 36 degrees
Horizontal plane 3dB beamwidth: 72 degrees
Size: 37mm x 45mm x 8mm

Package Include:
1 x HB200َ Microwave Sensor Module

Antenna Features
Gain 8dBi
Sensor Parameters
Output Type Digital
Wireless Parameters
Receive sensitivity -86dBm (at 3Hz t~ 80Hz bandwidth)
Frequency 10.525GHz
Output Power 13dBm (Min)
Electrical Parameters
Operating Voltage 5V
Operating Current 60mA (Max), 37mA (Typical)​​​​​​​
Physical Parameters
Size 37mm x 45mm x 8mm

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