Anxinke 10G human motion sensor radar module

Anxinke 10G human motion sensor radar module
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Tags: Motion detection module, radar module, human motion sensor


The Ai-Thinker Rd-04 radar module is a motion sensing module whose main function is to detect the movement of the human body.
The central frequency of Rd-04 is 10.525 GHz, and the farthest radar detection distance is 6.5 meters, and the radar detection angle coverage can reach 50 degrees. This module has the advantages of low cost and high performance, and is also compatible with most microprocessors and microcontrollers.

Automatic driving
security systems
Smart houses

Spectrum Range: 10.275-10.775 GHz
Power supply range: voltage: 3.0-3.6V, current ≥ 100mA
Support interface: IIC
Number of available inputs/outputs: 2
DIP package, standard 2.0mm pin header
This radar supports 10.525G frequency band
Support pulse power supply mode
Integrated photosensitive drive support
The longest induction range of the radar is up to 6.5 meters
Detection angle: up to ± 50 degrees

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