WCS2705 Current Detection Sensor Module [7.5A DC , 5A ac]

WCS2705 Current Detection Sensor Module [7.5A DC , 5A ac]
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Tags: Hall Current Sensor, Overcurrent Protection

WCS2705 Current Detection Sensor Module [7.5A DC, 5A AC] is an electrical current sensor that can accurately detect both DC and AC current based on WCS2705 Hall Effect Base Linear Current Sensor chip. This chip has 2 important parts of an accurate low-temperature drift linear hall effect detector with temperature compensation and a current path through an ultra-low resistance 8.3 mΩ. internal conductor to reduce power dissipation, better respond to temperature results in more reliability and stability. Due to the passing the current trough this conducting, a magnetic field is created, which is detected by the hall sensor part and presented as a proportional voltage signal.
This module has two essential functions of an analog sensed signal that pass trough an op-amp and ready to feed an A/D converter and creating a switching signal for activating the relay. A specified current applies to the comparator as a limited current (overcurrent, undercurrent, short circuit current, etc.) that when the sensed current is greater than the limit current, the switching signal is changed from a low level to high level and activate the relay. 
The WCS2705 module can be supplied with 3V up to 12V DC  (5V is recommended) and 3.5mA current for detecting current in the range of zero up to 5A AC or -7.5 up to +7.5A DC. The limited current can be set from 0.16A up to 5A, so this module can be used as current protection from 0.16A up to 5A AC/DC.


Chip: LM393, WCS2705
Input Voltage: 3V ~ 12V
Recommended Input Voltage: 5V
Input Current: 3.5mA
Current detection range: DC: ± 7.5A , AC: 5A
Current detection resolution: 255mV/A
Output overcurrent signal indication;
Overcurrent signal is set critical point adjustable, set the resolution 0.4A;
With mounting holes for easy firmware installation;
Sampling current conversion analog signal output, which can be accessed ADC, TTL level signal output, which can be accessed microcontroller IO port control.
Pin Number: 4 Pin
Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ 125°C
Size: 30mm x 37mm

Package Include:
1 x WCS2705 Current Detection Sensor

Sensor Parameters
Current Range DC: ± 7.5A , AC: 5A
Resolution 255mV/A
Electrical Parameters
Input Current 3.5mA
Input Voltage 3V ~ 12V
Input Voltage (recommended) 5V
Board Parameters
Main Chip LM393, WCS2705
Pin Count 4 Pin
Physical Parameters
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 125°C
Size 30mm x 37mm

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