E-201 PH Composite Electrode Probe [0-14pH]

E-201 PH Composite Electrode Probe [0-14pH]
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Tags: PH Detector, PH electrode, PH Tester, PH Composite, PH Electrode Sensor, PH Detection

Fundamentally, a pH meter consists of a voltmeter attached to a pH-responsive electrode and a reference (unvarying) electrode. 
The pH-responsive electrode is usually glass, and the reference is usually mercury–mercurous chloride (calomel) electrode, although a silver-silver chloride electrode is sometimes used.
pH probes measure pH by estimating the voltage or potential difference of the solution in which it is dipped. By measuring potential difference, hydrogen ion concentration can be calculated using the Nernst equation which gives the relationship between Hydrogen ion concentration and Voltage or Potential.
This pH electrode has a single cylinder that allows direct connection to the input terminal of a pH meter, controller, or any pH device which has a BNC terminal. The pH electrode probe is accurate and reliable that can give almost instantaneous readings, helping you to check the quality of water momentarily.

Model: E-201-C-9
PH Range: 0 ~ 14pH
Temperature Range: 0°C ~ 60°C
Zero Points: 7 ± 1 pH
Input Impedance: ≤250MΩ
Repeatability: ≤0.017pH
Port: BNC

Instruction Guides:
1. When the electrode is going to use for the first time, the electrode bulb should be immersed in a 3.3N potassium chloride solution for two hours to activate.
2. It should be washed in distilled water and blots by filter paper to prevent impurities. The electrode bulb and the liquid junction should be immersed in the test solution at the same time.
3. No need to add a reference solution for pH composite electrode
4. The electrode should avoid long-term immersion in distilled water or protein or acid chloride solution and prevent contact with silicone grease.

Package Include:
1 x E-201 PH Composite Electrode

Sensor Parameters
Measuring range 0 ~ 14pH
Temperature Range 0°C ~ 60°C
Electrical Parameters
Input Impedance ≤250MΩ

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