A27 PH Value Detection Sensor Module [5V] [0-14pH]

A27 PH Value Detection Sensor Module [5V] [0-14pH]
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PH metering is a sufficient way for measuring the hydrogen ion concentration of water-based liquid and it is a useful instrument for the detection acidity of water.
The PH sensor module can be used to interface PH sensors with BNC connectors to a microcontroller board such as the popular Arduino Uno. The module featured an offset potentiometer, so you can change the analog readout and make it work with an Arduino board.
A pH meter provides value as to how acidic or alkaline a liquid is. The basic principle of the pH meter is to measure the concentration of hydrogen ions. Acids dissolve in water forming positively charged hydrogen ions (H+). The greater this concentration of hydrogen ions, the stronger the acid is.

Input Voltage: 5V
Output Type: Analog
Working Current: 5mA ~ 10mA
Detection Range: 0 ~ 14pH
Detection Temperature Range: 0℃  ~ 80℃ 
Measuring Time: ≤ 5s
Stable Time: ≤ 60s
Power Consumption: ≤ 0.5W
Working Humidity: 95%RH(standard humidity:65%RH)
Operating Temperature: - 10°C ~ 50°C (nominal temperature 20 ° C) 
Size: 42mm × 32mm × 20mm

Package Include:
1 x A27 PH Value Detection Sensor Module

Sensor Parameters
Measuring range PH 0 ~ 14
Measurement Time ≤ 5s
Output Type Analog
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 5V
Working Current 5mA ~ 10mA
Power ≤ 0.5W
Physical Parameters
Operating Temperature - 10°C ~ 50°C (nominal temperature 20 ° C) 
Size 42mm × 32mm × 20mm
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating humidity 95%RH(standard humidity:65%RH)

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