BH1750FVI Digital Light Sensor Module

BH1750FVI Digital Light Sensor Module
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Tags: Lux Meter, Optical Sensor, CJMCU1750, BH1750, Light Sensor

BH1750FVI Digital Light Sensor Module is a digital light intensity sensor module which is based on BH1750FVI Ambient Light Sensor IC. This chip supports the I2C inteface and can sense with a high resolution from 1 up to 65535 Lux. Its spectral light sensing is approximately the same as human eye response, besides of 50Hz / 60Hz light noise rejection and light source independence (incandescent lamp, fluorescent light, halogen light, white LED light, sun light).
This module has a built in 16 bit AD converter, so can directly output a digital signal. Thus, it is more accurate than the others that its produced output is not a voltage or not a digital signal. While using the version of a LDR with a non-voltage output, it is needed to be calculated or converted to obtain a meaningful data. The BH1750 module directly measures ​​​​​​​light sensor intensity by the Lux meter, without any calculations.  When objects which are lighted inhomogeneous get the 1 Lux luminous flux in one square meter, their light intensity is 1lx. For better result and accurate measuring of the illuminant, it can be added a reflector to the illuminant, to have a more luminous flux in some directions and increasing the illumination of the target surface.

Chip: BH1750FVI
Power Supply: 3.3V, 5V
Light Range: 0 - 65535 Lx (Lux)
ADC: 16 bit AD converter
Interface: I2C
Pin: 5 Pin
Size: 32mm x 15mm

Package Include:
1 x BH1750FVI Digital Light Sensor Module

Interface Type I2C
Sensor Parameters
Internal ADC 16bit
Measuring range 0 - 65535 lx(Lux)
Electrical Parameters
Input Voltage 3.3V , 5V
Board Parameters
Main Chip BH1750FVI
Pin Count 5 Pin
Physical Parameters
Size 32mm x 15mm

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