XKC-Y26 Non-contact Liquid Level Sensor Switch [5V-24V]

XKC-Y26 Non-contact Liquid Level Sensor Switch [5V-24V]
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Tags: Float Switch, Liquid Sensor, Level Sensor, Float Sensor, Digital Sensor, Level Switch, Noncontact Sensor

Non-contact Liquid Level sensors are used to monitor and regulate levels of a particular free-flowing substance within a contained space. These substances are usually liquid, however, level sensors can also be used to monitor some solids such as powdered substances. 
Level sensors are widely used industrially. Cars use liquid level sensors to monitor a variety of liquids, including fuel, oil and occasionally also specialist fluids such as power steering fluid. 
They can also be found in industrial storage tanks, for slurries, and in household appliances. Basic level sensors can be used to identify the point at which a liquid falls below a minimum or rises above a maximum level. Many sensors can detail the specific amount of liquid in a container relative to the minimum/maximum levels, to provide a continuous measurement of volume.
A non-contact liquid level sensor is used for detecting whether there is liquid by water induction capacitor. When there is no liquid to approach the sensor, the sensor will generate certain static capacitance because of the capacitor distribution; when the liquid rises slowly to approach the sensor the liquid parasitic capacitor will coupling to this static capacitor so the terminal capacitance of the sensor will increase. The changing capacitance signal will be input to control IC and achieve signal switch. Then transform the changing capacitance value into a variation of certain electric signals.
An intelligent non-contact liquid level sensor adopts advanced signal processing technology and high-speed signal processing chip, and it will not be influenced by container wall thickness when detecting the liquid level in an airtight container. The liquid level sensor is installed under the container (high level and low level). No need to bore a non-metallic container, easy to install. It can detect the liquid level of various toxic substances, acid, alkali and all kinds of liquid in a high-pressure airtight container. It can be widely used and has no special requirement for liquid medium and material of the container.

Model: XKC-Y26
Input Voltage: 5V ~ 24V
Input Current: 5mA
Output Type: Digital
Output Voltage: Vin (high level), 0V (low level)
Output Current: 1mA ~ 100mA
Response Time: 500ms
Applicable Pipe Diameter Range: ≥10mm 
Level Error: ±1.5mm 
Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 85°C
Operating  Humidity: 5% ~ 100%
Waterproof Protection: IP67
Material: ABS
Size: 34.5mm x 40mm x 15.6mm

Package Include:
1 x XKC-Y26 Non-contact Liquid Level Sensor Switch

Sensor Parameters
Output Type Digital
Response Time 500ms
Electrical Parameters
Input Current 5mA
Input Voltage 5V ~ 24V
Output Current 1mA ~ 100mA
Physical Parameters
Size 34.5mm x 40mm x 15.6mm
Material ABS
Environmental Conditions and Safety
Operating Temprature 0°C ~ 85°C
Operating humidity 5% ~ 100%

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